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Treat Her Well, Spoil Her,  Adore Her.
And She Will Be Good To You!"
Be An Exceptional Gentleman

Etiquette And Manners


Always Be A Kind Respectful Gentleman

I absolutely love a gentleman that dresses well, and smell amazing! Kindness and Respect are KEY to having a successful engagement and also leaves the door open for more Invitation dates in the future. Offensive language, drugs & drunken behavior, and lewd conduct do not interest me, and I will not indulge in.  You will be asked to leave.  I am a peaceful, positive Woman.  Never Interested in the drama of any kind.

Etiquette is more than just appearance.

Please Note: Asking me lots of personal questions about my personal life will make me feel uncomfortable with you. 

Of course, Your curiosity to know more about me is natural, I totally understand, but I please ask that you respect my personal life.



Please take care of my donation at the beginning of our engagement. My contributions are not to be discussed or negotiated upon meeting. Please present my donation in an unsealed envelope in the open upon our private meeting before we begin, please don't make me ask. If we meet in a public place: Please make sure my contribution is presented in a book for me to enjoy later or a thank you card.


Time extensions are permitted as long as my schedule permits and you are able to take care of the additional Donation /investment upon request. 1000/hour.

100% Privacy /Discretion

I have a firm belief in a mutual need for discretion. I will never share your personal information with a third party, and I ask that you do the same. Any information obtained through the screening process will be destroyed immediately after the verification process is complete. I 100% value our privacy.


Verification /Screening

Information given for screening is to verify you are who you say you are and for my safety. Without exception, I require all first-time friends to be screened. I value our discretion. My identity is essential to me, which is why my face is hidden. For public outings & events, if (NDA's) are needed to be signed, I have done so in the past.


Please Be On-Time /Punctuality

I will always go to great lengths to arrive on time. If I am ever late, I will promptly notify you. Our time together starts from the moment we meet.  If you wish to extend our time together, please have the required donation available. Friends who cancel dates within the 24 hour period.  Deposit will not be nonrefundable. 


Cancellations & Deposits

Any cancellations made under 24 hours of notice for any reason.  The deposit will be nonrefundable.   All reservations & future re-bookings require a deposit to reserve a date.

Cancellations within 48 hours : I understand life happens, so if you give me a 48 hour notice, you can reschedule within a reasonable time frame and still apply your deposit.

I reserve the right to cancel an appointment at any time, without a refund if I feel disrespected or unsafe. 1 or more cancellations without 24hrs notice.  Will result in immediate blacklisting. No further bookings will be allowed. Deposit will be nonrefundable.  In the rare instance I have to cancel, I will happily refund your payment.

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